The Long View: New sub-site for sustainabiliy

Well, here we are, diversifying our Web presence again. The Long View, a new M. B. Marsh Design website, will focus on energy, resource, development and environmental sustainability over the coming decades.

We've been posting on these topics for a while, and it's time to bring a more focused approach to them. It'll be a slow trickle of articles, falling mainly into three broad categories:

  • Looking years or decades down the road to find promising technological and policy directions that'll lead to a society that's sustainable in the long term.
  • Looking at technologies and policy proposals in the (relatively) near term to find ways to bridge the energy and resource gaps that may occur as we transition away from our current, unsustainable ways.
  • Looking at the situation today to understand how we've set up key infrastructure and institutions, why things are happening the way they are, and how we can minimize our footprint.

Am I being a bit scatter-brained? Probably. That, though, is how we keep things interesting around here.


Now for a website administration note.

Those of you who subscribe to M.B. Marsh Design via RSS will find the new site's feed at . We will, for now, continue to push everything from all our sites to the "All Articles" feed.

If you're a new subscriber (or if you're just cleaning up your news reader), though, please use the individual feeds for whichever sub-sites you're interested in (see the list in the sidebar). That'll help keep your inbox clear of stuff you don't care about, as well as making sure you end up in the right place if you decide to leave the news feed and hit up the full site.


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