CAD in the Cloud: How it might work

I'm a bit amazed by the recent hype over cloud computing. Google Docs, Salesforce, Amazon EC3, the list goes on: the tech blogs are falling over themselves to keep up with the latest software-as-a-service and cloud offerings. Listening to Google's PR team, one might think that we're about to give up on stand-alone computers altogether.

Direct-to-torrent TV: Pioneer One's interesting approach

I don't normally follow the entertainment industry, but this thing is spreading like wildfire across the Net and I think it's worthy of mention. The half-hour pilot of Pioneer One was released on Bittorrent less than five days ago, and has already made Slashdot and racked up close to 70,000 HD and 150,000 Xvid downloads so far.

Wind turbine noise: Some sanity and science, please

There has been a lot of debate recently about the low-intensity, low-frequency noise created by megawatt class wind turbines. Although a few credible studies have been conducted (and several are still underway), there is still a great deal of uninformed hyperbole flying around on all sides of the issue.

I'd like to see some sanity in this debate, and I'd like the discussion to be grounded in scientific evidence. Without rehashing the entirety of the debate, here are a couple of points that might smooth developer-community relations a bit.


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